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At home at work at a deli/wine bar/wine shop/cafe hybrid, it’s a pretty cool job. I have been there for 5 years, so as a result I have learnt a lot about food, ingredients, cheese… The list goes on! I have been lucky enough to visit suppliers such as Neals Yard Dairy and Vallebona both amazing suppliers to the shop. Check out their website if you are a bored foodie, a great way to kill half an hour! Visiting places like Vallenbona is such a fantastic was to not only gain knowledge but also passion-from the very people who dedicate their lives to the food trade!

Cheese is such an epic topic though I don’t know where to start! I still haven’t found a deli yet, but I think nice cheese will become my luxury item, think the older, the smellier, the stronger the better. YUM!