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The classic.. Spag Bol

The classic.. Spag Bol

Just ignore the fact mine isn’t with spaghetti.. Although spaghetti is originally from southern Italy and Scilliy whereas Bolognese is from the northern Bologna region. So if you were a traditional Italian mixing the two would cause an outrage! So you could I was very Italian (or that I have a 3kg bag of pasta to work though) Anyway back to food!

Again i managed to get some reduced mince from Tesco and I need to do a shop so using up from the cupboard.
Start with a splash of oil and a copped up onion and courgette that I still had left over, fry until brown then add 2 cloves of crushed garlic. Garlic takes less time to cook so always add after the onions are cooked, it also burns easily so turn the heat down! At this stage at some tomato puree a sprinkle of dried chili and dried basil or Italian herbs and mix together. At this stage put the pasta onto boil. Add the beef mince to the onion mix and cook until brown, also add a splash of wine to add some depth and let the wine reduce (let it boil). I cheated and used a pre-done tomato sauce. However; a can of chopped tomatoes and some passata will beat the pre-done stuff! Let this simmer until the pasta is slight al dente, I then added some frozen peas to the sauce for a few for vitamins and done!
Again I made lots of put some sauce in the fridge so dinner for tomorrow is done already.



The hopeful 'Zoella' of cooking... I'm 22 and currently a final year geography student at the University of Manchester, with a passion for all things food. Hope you enjoying reading my blog and would love it if you get involved! Josephine x

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