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Dippy Eggs

Dippy Eggs

The best breakfast that is guaranteed to make you feel like your at home and 5 years old again. The funky egg cup also helps!
Make sure your eggs are room temperature before you start, otherwise they might crack when out under extreme temperature change. Put a pan of water with some salt onto boil. When boiling slowly put the eggs in the water and time for 5 minutes in the boiling water. While the eggs are boiling toast and butter your bread and cut into soldiers for added effect. Once the time is up lift out and crack the shell to stop the egg from cooking. Still not 100% if this is true or an old wives tale but it reminds me of my mum 🙂 crack open the top, dip and enjoy!



The hopeful 'Zoella' of cooking... I'm 22 and currently a final year geography student at the University of Manchester, with a passion for all things food. Hope you enjoying reading my blog and would love it if you get involved! Josephine x

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