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Shakshuka with Sweet Potato Wedges

Shakshuka with Sweet Potato Wedges

Yotam Ottolenghi is one of my favourite chefs. He pulls together so many different cultures and culinary traditions into amazing dishes. Shakshuka is one of my favourite dishes, simple, tastes amazing and inexpensive. It stems from a traditional North African dish.
Here is a link to the recipe, I loved reading Ottolenghi contributions in the Guardian, he always came up with such different ideas.
This was enough to feed 3 people. My shakshuka recipe is based on Ottolenghi
Sweet potato wedges:
Peel 2 sweet potatoes and cut into wedge size chunks, put them on a baking tray in a single layer with salt, pepper, paprika and 3 tsp of olive oil. Put in the oven for 20-30 minutes turning the wedges half way through.
Cut up 3 mixed peppers and and an onion and fry in a heavy bottom frying pan with a good splash of oil. Add two bay leaves if you have then and some mixed herbs, cook the peppers until soft. Then add a splash of water to help keep the peppers nice and soft. Then add a can of tinned tomatoes and let bubble away for about 5 minutes. Crack as many eggs are there are people (i.e. 3 eggs, 3 people) into the pepper tomato mix and put a lid ontop. This lets the eggs slowly poach and should take about 5 minutes.
This can either be served with chunky bread or the wedges. Enjoy!



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