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New Years Eve Feast

New Years Eve Feast

Happy new year hope you all had a great evening. In my opinion there is no better way of seeing in the new year than with good food, good wine and good company. Which is exactly what I did.

fillet steak at room temperature, red onion, gravy granules, parmesan, potatoes, vegetable stock cube, potatoes, cooking oil, pepper, asparagus, mushrooms, chilli flakes, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, lemon prawns, ciabatta, butter, grapes, three eggs, plain flour, sugar, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, cream and a sofa

The prawns were super easy and really tasty. Grate lots of ginger (which can be keep frozen and grated whenever you need it) in to pan with some olive oil, lots of crushed garlic, one cut lemongrass stalk, a few chilli flakes and the zest of a lemon. Heat this in a pan on medium heat for about 5 minutes then add the prawns, king prawns if the budget will stretch and serve with warm ciabatta.


Start by peeling potatoes to make wedges. Once peeled cut into small wedges. Heat some oil in a baking tray and crumble over a vegetable stock cube. Put in the oven at 180c for about 45 minutes-1 hour turning the wedges half way through. Once the wedges are nearly done start with the vegetables. Slice a red onion finely and fry with a little oil and sugar on a low heat for 10 minutes or until caramel then add a splash of red wine and gravel granules and water. Keep the gravy warm until serving. Slice the mushrooms and fry in some oil and a little sprinkle of chilli until soft and lovely. Cut the end off the asparagus and dry fry them in a hot frying pan turning them so all sides have changed colour. Make sure the asparagus still have some ‘bite’ check this by prodding them with a fork, once done top with parmesan.
Make sure the steak is a room temperature before you begin. Start by rubbing a bit of pepper on both sides. Get the pan really hot with a little oil and put the steak in until one side is brown, repeat on the other side until the outside is all cooked. Take off the heat and allow the rest of 5 minutes until serving your steak will be medium rare. Serve with all the trimmings and enjoy.

steak nye

The recipe is the same as my chocolate brownie. However I made it in a circular dish and at a lower temperature for less time.

choc tart

Melt 100gm of dark chocolate and 50gm milk chocolate in a pan on a low heat with 175gm of butter. Once melted allow to cool slightly before adding thick and creamy whisked mixture of 3 eggs and 1.5 cups of caster sugar. Add the rest of the chocolate into the mixture as whole chunks and fold in. Now sift 1/2 a cup of plain flour into the mixture and stir. Cook at 150c for about 15-20 minutes in a circular cake tin. Serve with cream and grapes to top off a truly amazing meal!



The hopeful 'Zoella' of cooking... I'm 22 and currently a final year geography student at the University of Manchester, with a passion for all things food. Hope you enjoying reading my blog and would love it if you get involved! Josephine x

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