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A Day On A Plate

A Day On A Plate

Now I am writing regularly for my student newspaper, the Mancunion. Unfortunately my blog has taken a back seat for the past couple of weeks but I’m back!

Here is my ‘day on a plate’ article for you all to have a read!

Josephine Harrington talks us through a hungover Sunday and an evening of entertaining.


What I have for breakfast, and indeed whether I have Breakfast at all, very much depends on what time I get up. If it is to be classed as breakfast, it is before 11.00. After 11.00 I tend to hold out for an early lunch.


As it not uncommon, I started the day slightly hungover and with very little energy or motivation to prepare myself anything fancy—so it seemed very much like a cereal job. A bowl of Sainsbury’s Basics Muesli and a chopped apple and multiple brews, have today, as have always, sufficiently lined my stomach. However, outright laziness was not really an option today because my plans for Sunday included cooking for friends. If you get everyone to throw in a couple of quid and bring a bottle it makes a lovely meal, even more so on a Sunday when you can feel a bit lonely and lacking in home comforts. On the menu tonight was fish pie; nothing in the world screams comfort like a good old pie.

Lunner (noun):

Like brunch but between lunch and dinner. After doing some university work and a lengthy walk to Sainsbury’s I needed more energy. This came in the form of grilled cheese and chutney on toast. Once one side of the bread is toasted, flip it over and smear some chutney before layering on the cheese and grilling to molten perfection.



The mighty fish pie, true to student form, was made with all Sainsbury’s Basics fish. However, it was still pretty damn good, if I may withhold a little modesty. Asparagus was on offer too so a really trendy vegetable dressed the plate as the accompaniment. Washed down with large quantities of reduced Merlot also helped the evening go with a bang.

Dessert- yes that’s right I really pushed the boat out, consisted of bargain raspberries with a white chocolate sauce. The crimson fruit and the sweet creamy chocolate made for an indulgent bookend to the meal. Feeling more than satisfied, I crawled into bed in a lovely food and wine coma, ready to carry me through Spartan Monday.



The hopeful 'Zoella' of cooking... I'm 22 and currently a final year geography student at the University of Manchester, with a passion for all things food. Hope you enjoying reading my blog and would love it if you get involved! Josephine x

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