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Clementine Cake

oranage cake

This is my version of the lovely Nigella’s clementine cake. It is a damp and originally flourless cake. I added some flour and reduced the amount of almonds to make it a bit on the cheaper side. Lovely with a brew and a great way to use up old hard clementines.

1.5 hours

clementines, ground almonds, eggs, SR flour, caster sugar and icing sugar

Start by covering roughly 350 gm worth of clementines with water, bring to the boil and allow to simmer for about an hour until soft. Once soft lift out the clementines (keep the water!) and place them in a food processor, peel and all. Whizz up until liquid. Ensure the mixture is sufficiently cool and add 4 eggs, 150gm of ground almonds, 150gm of SR flour, 250 gm of sugar and whizz together. Pour the cake mixture into a tin and cook for about 45 minutes at 190c, once cooked allow to cool. To make the icing sieve 2tbsp of icing sugar and gradually add some of the orange water until you have a soft paste. Spread over the top and try not to eat all in one go!