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Hello hello, I am Josephine. I’m 22 years old, and currently in my final year studying Geography Manchester University, I was born and raised in the Lake District so a county gal through and through.  Hoping to give the manufacturing side of the food industry a whirl next year (so plz gimme a job!) Sorry for the slightly gorky photo of me, *with food, look I’m such a foodie!* Now in my third year of blogging (where did that go?!).

I love blogging because I love food, it’s that simple. For me, blogging acts like little food/recipe diary. Recipes and my influences are a random mix, stuff I’ve been taught by my lovely mum, friends, boyfriend (should probably add ‘lovely’ here too), pinched from a cookbooks, other peoples fabulous blogs, online or eating out. I have also worked in a deli and professional kitchen.

My cooking style is a bit slap-dash, I kind of make it up as I go. I’m trying to be more precise with listing quantities but work with me as I normally just through stuff in so there is a bit of guess work involved!

There is an overwhelming amount of information about food available and while I am not pretending to be an expert, I would love to offer a fun and rounded attitude to food. For me there are so many people promoting ‘clean eating’ and slamming bad foods that the everyday act of eating has become a very stressful place. I am firmly with Nigella when she states that:          “I don’t like extremes… I think food should not be used as a way of persecuting oneself, and one should look to get pleasure and revel in what’s good.”

That is exactly what I am aiming to do, promote good, tasty and wholesome food that everyone can enjoy. One meal might be a salad, the next a bowl of pasta. It is all about enjoying yourself and everything in moderation.

Thanks for reading and I would love any comments or feedback.

Happy cooking (and mainly happy eating!)



16 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Hi, Josephine–You signed up for our blog so I thought I’d stop by and see what’s happening. You’re a newbie! (That’s not a bad thing.) I love your enthusiasm and spirit of adventure. As a friend of mine observed, when we started blogging, “Now you’ve let a dragon in your house. The next post is always breathing down your neck!” Good luck. I’ll be back. Ken

  2. Wow! I studied at Manchester Uni too and I have to say it’s no exaggeration that I spent most of my first year living on pasta with ketchup, Gregg’s pasties and chicken kebabs! So you are way ahead of me. Lovely blog 🙂

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